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it's been a while...

**pokes head in** So yeah, I'm still alive, haha. Just been extremely busy between college stuff and internship/job hunting, among other things. I feel bad neglecting LJ so much, but life has been getting in the way. At least school will be done in a few weeks, so after that I should resurface a little bit more :)

So other than school being a little bit more insane than usual, nothing's really changed in the past couple of months. I love my studio classes this semester, I feel like I'm finally doing some great and productive stuff in my design classes and I am totally in love with printmaking. I'd add it as a double major if I could... but I'd like to get out of school within the next couple of years, LOL. I'm almost done with my advertising/pr minor which is really exciting.

Last Monday Jessica Valenti of Feministing came to speak at our school, which I was way too excited about :) But she's super awesome and I got her new book that hasn't been technically released yet. I was going to go to a portfolio day in Detroit to meet Elliot Earls that weekend too but I overslept, which was really sad.

My car is starting to fail a little bit again. I've been waiting for my taxes to come back so I can get it fixed and pay my insurance and credit bills, but I got a letter in the mail today saying they couldn't direct deposit my federal taxes into my bank account for whatever reason, and my check won't come in for THREE MORE WEEKS :( I has bills due and a broken car and I filled them out really early so I could get them back on time, which isn't going to happen now. UGH.

I'll stop bitching now, because other than being broke and going insane at school I really don't have that much to whine about. My boyfriend got laid off from his job but he was only off a few weeks before he got another one, and my dad isn't laid off... yet. It's still a very real possibility but right now we're getting by. School is insane but I'm enjoying the work and the people. And even our new roommate that was a total cleaning and heating nazi has been a lot nicer to us lately.

I'm way late on this but since I was waiting for someone I knew to get the DVD....

I watched the Twilight movie last weekend for the first time, and let me tell you, I LAUGHED SO HARD through the entire thing. My friends and I went through like a bottle of champagne each before then so we were a bit giggly anyway, but honestly my side hurt so badly from laughing so much by the end.

Random thoughts:
For some reason I didn't think Jacob would be Native American. I mean, we should have connected the dots since the book says he's on a reservation and all, but for some reason I never made the connection. My friends were a little surprised too, I guess we don't pay much attention. He was pretty cute, though. ♥

RPatzz = FTW. We were majorly disappointed in the dazzle, though. When he stood in the sunlight it didn't look like diamonds, it looked like someone plastered glitter glue all over him. And when Bella was all "YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL" it just seemed so funny. Also, meadow "sex scene"? Definitely not sexy. But then again maybe I was still laughing about the "YOU'RE MY OWN PERSONAL BRAND OF HEROIN" to get that into it. THAT LINE KILLED ME. XD

I thought the Cullens were pretty awesome, but I think they could have done a better hair/makeup job on Carlisle, he looked really odd. I kind of want Emmett to be my vampire boyfriend, he was awesome. Also, Cullen baseball = LMAO

I'm having a hard time remembering a lot of the smaller parts, but we got some good laughs. I really wish they would have played up the whole dazzle thing, though. That would have just made it so much better :)

Hope everything is going good in LJ-land, and I'll be back in a few weeks when the college madness is over and I've slept for like a week straight, LOL :D


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