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It's 10 degrees F outside right now. I got back from work at 1 p.m. and there is now a good eleven or twelve inches of snow on my car. BLARGH. They called the plows off the roads today and possibly for tomorrow because it's been snowing so much that plowing is essentially useless. As is using salt, since it's below 15 degrees, so everything is nice and icy too. Not that we're not used to getting a ridiculous amount of snow and ice here, but the visibility outside is really horrible, when I was driving to work at 4am it was bad, and by the time I got out at 1 you could hardly see ten feet in front of you. I have to give my little car credit, though, it's been holding out pretty well and I haven't gotten stuck or anything (yet). I just don't want to go back to work tomorrow morning :-(

Speaking of work, that's pretty much all I've been doing since I got back from school, and I don't get a day off until Christmas. Which sucks, but the paychecks I'll be getting from this break should be good enough to help me pay off my bills, and maybe have some left over for books and such. I'll just be glad when this holiday season is over, people always seem to get grumpier around the holidays (at least from a customer service standpoint) and I'm sure the weather isn't helping any. I'm also getting sick of babysitting these high school kids they keep hiring, they don't do anything they tell you. Neither do the newer older people, because they think they know how to do their job better than me just because they're older. **headdesk** TWO MORE WEEKS TO GO, UGH.

I really hate being whiny about work, though, when my life really isn't all that bad right now. My grades ended up being decent for last semester, and I've been able to see my boyfriend quite a bit in the last week. My dad isn't losing his job as of now like he was told he might, and I've got all my Christmas shopping done without too much damage on my card....Others definitely have it way worse off. A really nice woman who used to work at my store came in yesterday and I said hi, and kind of sarcastically asked her where she'd been, since I hadn't seen her yet and normally she comes in every couple of days or so. Well, I sure felt like an ass afterwards, because she informed me that her daughter died last week. I had only met her oldest daughter once, but she seemed nice, and she was around my age. She just dropped over dead, just like that. She was pregnant too, which I remembered. Her mother said they tried to get her in the hospital in time to save the baby, since she was almost full-term, the baby girl was perfectly healthy otherwise but it was too late to save her. They think it was a brain hemorrhage or something, they still have to do an autopsy. But this poor woman who I can't imagine ever doing any harm to anybody now has to make plans to bury her oldest child and her first granddaughter, right before Christmas. I can't even imagine what she's going through right now, and it seriously broke my heart when right before she left she grabbed her younger son's hand and said "it's just so hard," and started getting emotional, and then I wanted to cry, honestly. And I just didn't know what to say. I mean, what can you say? "I'm sorry" seems really worthless, you know?

It helped put everything into perspective for me, at least. While I'm sitting here whining about stupid things like the weather and how much I have to work, this woman is planning a funeral for her daughter and her grandchild. I've lost people close to me before right around Christmas, but to lose your child and a grandchild in the same day, just like that, is something I can't imagine going through. It just makes me feel so grateful and lucky that most of the people I love are still with me, and that I'll be able to celebrate Christmas with them this week.

I hope the weekend went decently for everybody, and that everyone's handling the weather OK, I know we're not the only place that's getting slammed right about now. If you are, stay warm and drive safely! :-)