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I knew, I know in my heart it's not you

I hope everyone's been having a good month so far! I haven't really had internet access for the past couple of weeks because my laptop has been spazzy, and my flist is probably at like skip500, LOL. So if there's a post from the past couple weeks that you really want me to see for whatever reason, just post it here.

Also, big thanks to iknowitsmad, pam_casso, and fiiishy for the Christmas cards!!! I love them &hearts &hearts I'll be sending mine out tomorrow :-)

So I finally made it back home from school even though I was done with finals on Wednesday, haha. We had to hang around to move into our new apartment, and of course the other girls weren't out of the new one until Saturday afternoon, even though they were supposed to be out by Friday >.< But now we're out of the old apartment and don't have to deal with the bitchy roommate ever again!!! Plus this apartment is more like a townhouse and has a yard and actual kitchen and living room space. It's a bit of a longer walk to my classes, but I can live with it.

Last night I went to see my niece sing in the Christmas program at her church. Normally I really can't stand stuff like this, but I went for her because she was singing with the children's choir for a couple of songs and had big solo parts in both. And wow, can that girl sing!! I never knew because she's never sung around me before. And granted, she's only ten years old, but DAMN. Also, my brother's wife volunteered him to play Joseph in the nativity scene part, and it was totally amusing because he was so disgruntled about it through the whole thing. And of course I have it all on videotape :-D

Dear Paramore,
I ♥ you guys and your amazingness. I'm a little late on this bit of news, but why, WHY, did you have to contribute not one, but TWO songs to the Twilight soundtrack? *And* a music video?!? The first time I saw your video for Decode, I caught it in the middle of the song, and I was like, "Wow, I really like this one! Go Paramore!" And then I saw a cutscene with RPattz running around all sparkly nimbly bimbly and I screamed at the TV, "OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!" But sadly, you did. Paramore, why do you break my heart so? YOU'RE BETTER THAN TWILIGHT. And it hurts me that you made two songs and a video for them. These perfectly good songs are now associated with that movie forever. Don't get me wrong, I'll still enjoy them and still be willing to have Hayley's babies like the creeper that I am, but WHY TWILIGHT?!? **SOBS**

Now that I've got my internetz back, I'm off to watch the last couple episodes of the Office that I've missed. Maybe CSI too, though that show has been letting me down a lot lately :-/


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Dec. 16th, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
You're welcome! :)

I love that song Paramore made the video for, "Decode". Omg so good.
Dec. 16th, 2008 03:48 am (UTC)
I love the video too, just not the Twilight parts :-D LOL
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