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March 28th, 2009

it's been a while...

**pokes head in** So yeah, I'm still alive, haha. Just been extremely busy between college stuff and internship/job hunting, among other things. I feel bad neglecting LJ so much, but life has been getting in the way. At least school will be done in a few weeks, so after that I should resurface a little bit more :)

So other than school being a little bit more insane than usual, nothing's really changed in the past couple of months. I love my studio classes this semester, I feel like I'm finally doing some great and productive stuff in my design classes and I am totally in love with printmaking. I'd add it as a double major if I could... but I'd like to get out of school within the next couple of years, LOL. I'm almost done with my advertising/pr minor which is really exciting.

Last Monday Jessica Valenti of Feministing came to speak at our school, which I was way too excited about :) But she's super awesome and I got her new book that hasn't been technically released yet. I was going to go to a portfolio day in Detroit to meet Elliot Earls that weekend too but I overslept, which was really sad.

My car is starting to fail a little bit again. I've been waiting for my taxes to come back so I can get it fixed and pay my insurance and credit bills, but I got a letter in the mail today saying they couldn't direct deposit my federal taxes into my bank account for whatever reason, and my check won't come in for THREE MORE WEEKS :( I has bills due and a broken car and I filled them out really early so I could get them back on time, which isn't going to happen now. UGH.

I'll stop bitching now, because other than being broke and going insane at school I really don't have that much to whine about. My boyfriend got laid off from his job but he was only off a few weeks before he got another one, and my dad isn't laid off... yet. It's still a very real possibility but right now we're getting by. School is insane but I'm enjoying the work and the people. And even our new roommate that was a total cleaning and heating nazi has been a lot nicer to us lately.

I'm way late on this but since I was waiting for someone I knew to get the DVD.... TWILIGHT MOVIE = LOL WUT?!?Collapse )

Hope everything is going good in LJ-land, and I'll be back in a few weeks when the college madness is over and I've slept for like a week straight, LOL :D