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it's been a while...

**pokes head in** So yeah, I'm still alive, haha. Just been extremely busy between college stuff and internship/job hunting, among other things. I feel bad neglecting LJ so much, but life has been getting in the way. At least school will be done in a few weeks, so after that I should resurface a little bit more :)

So other than school being a little bit more insane than usual, nothing's really changed in the past couple of months. I love my studio classes this semester, I feel like I'm finally doing some great and productive stuff in my design classes and I am totally in love with printmaking. I'd add it as a double major if I could... but I'd like to get out of school within the next couple of years, LOL. I'm almost done with my advertising/pr minor which is really exciting.

Last Monday Jessica Valenti of Feministing came to speak at our school, which I was way too excited about :) But she's super awesome and I got her new book that hasn't been technically released yet. I was going to go to a portfolio day in Detroit to meet Elliot Earls that weekend too but I overslept, which was really sad.

My car is starting to fail a little bit again. I've been waiting for my taxes to come back so I can get it fixed and pay my insurance and credit bills, but I got a letter in the mail today saying they couldn't direct deposit my federal taxes into my bank account for whatever reason, and my check won't come in for THREE MORE WEEKS :( I has bills due and a broken car and I filled them out really early so I could get them back on time, which isn't going to happen now. UGH.

I'll stop bitching now, because other than being broke and going insane at school I really don't have that much to whine about. My boyfriend got laid off from his job but he was only off a few weeks before he got another one, and my dad isn't laid off... yet. It's still a very real possibility but right now we're getting by. School is insane but I'm enjoying the work and the people. And even our new roommate that was a total cleaning and heating nazi has been a lot nicer to us lately.

I'm way late on this but since I was waiting for someone I knew to get the DVD.... TWILIGHT MOVIE = LOL WUT?!?Collapse )

Hope everything is going good in LJ-land, and I'll be back in a few weeks when the college madness is over and I've slept for like a week straight, LOL :D


I got released from the hospital yesterday after being there since Monday with a particularly super stomach virus and the nice number of assorted infections and severe dehydration that resulted. It wasn't too fun. Anyway, I'm not even going to try to catch up on my f-list since the sick thing started last Friday and I wasn't in any kind of mood to get on the internet. If there's anything you guys want me to see, just post it :)

more hospital details and my crazy roommateCollapse )

It's all in the past now, though. I have a few upcoming lab appointments and doctor visits in the next couple of weeks, but none of them should take long. So now I'm distracting myself from all of the catch up work I should be doing by watching Dr. Horrible and wondering when my DVD's going to get here (I finally broke down and got it on Amazon lol).

Hope everybody has a good weekend :)

random itunes memes

A couple of random itunes memes that have been floating around...

Just becauseCollapse )

I really should be going out to the art building to work on my printmaking for tomorrow, buuut it's late and I'm tired and it's -10 degrees outside right now with a wind chill of -20, and it's been like that all week. In case you didn't catch that, it's TWENTY DEGREES *BELOW* ZERO. OMG YOU GUYS. Thankfully the heat at my apartment has been working fine, but that means I don't want to go to classes anymore because that means going outside. I hate winter so very, very much. **whines**

icon meme

Since everybody's doing it, I thought I'd try it. Also, I'm still in denial that I have to do a couple more sketches for my next class. Procrastination? YES.

ICON MEMECollapse )


Yesterday was a good day. I went to Barnes & Noble and used my gift cards up on a couple of magazines, a few books I've been wanting to get, and a ridiculously adorable Chococat calendar :-) I also got my hair cut too, which I haven't done in *AGES*. I was just going to take an inch or two off but that turned into a little bit more and now I have layers again. I know layers are a really bad idea for hair as thick and curly as mine is, but it looks really cute when I can get it under control.

For some reason, now that I've got my seasons of the Office up to date, I keep getting this really bad urge to get the next CSI ones as well. I already have 1-6, and I told myself I'd stop there because with the exception of a few episodes I'm not a huge fan of seasons 7 and 8. I don't know why I want these last two seasons really bad, maybe because Grissom's leaving now or something. Whatever the reason I really shouldn't be buying these right now. I have to go back to school this weekend and with the exception of a random plasma donation every now and again my income goes back down to zero until April. I should be saving my money, not spending it on really overpriced DVD seasons that I'll only watch a few episodes on anyway. But the urge is strong.... **cries**

I'm not sure if anyone on my flist is a fan of Haruki Murakami, but a friend of mine recommended his books and over the last two weeks I've already finished both the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and Underground, which are both really good. I'm taking a break from his books for now and I'm already part way through the Gods Themselves by Asimov, which I hope to finish before school starts up again Monday. I try to get in as much reading as possible during school breaks because I have no time during the semester, hehe.

I hope everybody has a great New Year!!! I have to work tonight until 10, but after that I'm running over to my boyfriend's house party with lots of pie and liquor, LOL. Hopefully we won't be too busy tomorrow morning at work so my inevitable hangover won't be as much of a pain. Have a great night everyone!! :-D

x-mas stuff

Hope everybody had a great holiday!! Mine was pretty good, though mostly uneventful- I slept through about half of Christmas because it was my first day off since coming back from school and I was reaaally tired, hehe. But I got some good stuff- my boyfriend got me season 4 of the Office (♥♥♥), and I've already watched the gag reel like three times, it's just so funny. I also got X-Files: IWTB on DVD (YAY!), some pretty new socks and PJ pants, and several Barnes & Noble gift cards :-D

We went over to my brother's and my niece got Guitar Hero: World Tour, since she's spoiled like that. Anyway, I played the drums because it seems everyone else found them too difficult for whatever reason. I also got talked into singing for a couple of songs, but if I wasn't on the beginner level I probably would have failed, LOL. And I may have flipped out a little when I found out that Paramore has a song on the game, hehe. Misery Business isn't one of my favorites, but STILLL. And you can unlock Hayley Williams as a playable character, which I flailed about too. I really want to buy this game, but unfortunately, I have to be a responsible adult and save my money for things I actually need. :-(

I also ate a lot of really good food and probably gained about ten pounds. All in all, good times. I probably should add something more substantial to this post but I have to go to work in about four hours and I should probably sleep a little. Curse you, work, and your 4 AM ad switchovers!! **grumble**
It's 10 degrees F outside right now. I got back from work at 1 p.m. and there is now a good eleven or twelve inches of snow on my car. BLARGH. They called the plows off the roads today and possibly for tomorrow because it's been snowing so much that plowing is essentially useless. As is using salt, since it's below 15 degrees, so everything is nice and icy too. Not that we're not used to getting a ridiculous amount of snow and ice here, but the visibility outside is really horrible, when I was driving to work at 4am it was bad, and by the time I got out at 1 you could hardly see ten feet in front of you. I have to give my little car credit, though, it's been holding out pretty well and I haven't gotten stuck or anything (yet). I just don't want to go back to work tomorrow morning :-(

Speaking of work, that's pretty much all I've been doing since I got back from school, and I don't get a day off until Christmas. Which sucks, but the paychecks I'll be getting from this break should be good enough to help me pay off my bills, and maybe have some left over for books and such. I'll just be glad when this holiday season is over, people always seem to get grumpier around the holidays (at least from a customer service standpoint) and I'm sure the weather isn't helping any. I'm also getting sick of babysitting these high school kids they keep hiring, they don't do anything they tell you. Neither do the newer older people, because they think they know how to do their job better than me just because they're older. **headdesk** TWO MORE WEEKS TO GO, UGH.

I really hate being whiny about work, though, when my life really isn't all that bad right now. My grades ended up being decent for last semester, and I've been able to see my boyfriend quite a bit in the last week. My dad isn't losing his job as of now like he was told he might, and I've got all my Christmas shopping done without too much damage on my card....Others definitely have it way worse off. A really nice woman who used to work at my store came in yesterday and I said hi, and kind of sarcastically asked her where she'd been, since I hadn't seen her yet and normally she comes in every couple of days or so. Well, I sure felt like an ass afterwards, because she informed me that her daughter died last week. I had only met her oldest daughter once, but she seemed nice, and she was around my age. She just dropped over dead, just like that. She was pregnant too, which I remembered. Her mother said they tried to get her in the hospital in time to save the baby, since she was almost full-term, the baby girl was perfectly healthy otherwise but it was too late to save her. They think it was a brain hemorrhage or something, they still have to do an autopsy. But this poor woman who I can't imagine ever doing any harm to anybody now has to make plans to bury her oldest child and her first granddaughter, right before Christmas. I can't even imagine what she's going through right now, and it seriously broke my heart when right before she left she grabbed her younger son's hand and said "it's just so hard," and started getting emotional, and then I wanted to cry, honestly. And I just didn't know what to say. I mean, what can you say? "I'm sorry" seems really worthless, you know?

It helped put everything into perspective for me, at least. While I'm sitting here whining about stupid things like the weather and how much I have to work, this woman is planning a funeral for her daughter and her grandchild. I've lost people close to me before right around Christmas, but to lose your child and a grandchild in the same day, just like that, is something I can't imagine going through. It just makes me feel so grateful and lucky that most of the people I love are still with me, and that I'll be able to celebrate Christmas with them this week.

I hope the weekend went decently for everybody, and that everyone's handling the weather OK, I know we're not the only place that's getting slammed right about now. If you are, stay warm and drive safely! :-)

I knew, I know in my heart it's not you

I hope everyone's been having a good month so far! I haven't really had internet access for the past couple of weeks because my laptop has been spazzy, and my flist is probably at like skip500, LOL. So if there's a post from the past couple weeks that you really want me to see for whatever reason, just post it here.

Also, big thanks to iknowitsmad, pam_casso, and fiiishy for the Christmas cards!!! I love them &hearts &hearts I'll be sending mine out tomorrow :-)

So I finally made it back home from school even though I was done with finals on Wednesday, haha. We had to hang around to move into our new apartment, and of course the other girls weren't out of the new one until Saturday afternoon, even though they were supposed to be out by Friday >.< But now we're out of the old apartment and don't have to deal with the bitchy roommate ever again!!! Plus this apartment is more like a townhouse and has a yard and actual kitchen and living room space. It's a bit of a longer walk to my classes, but I can live with it.

Last night I went to see my niece sing in the Christmas program at her church. Normally I really can't stand stuff like this, but I went for her because she was singing with the children's choir for a couple of songs and had big solo parts in both. And wow, can that girl sing!! I never knew because she's never sung around me before. And granted, she's only ten years old, but DAMN. Also, my brother's wife volunteered him to play Joseph in the nativity scene part, and it was totally amusing because he was so disgruntled about it through the whole thing. And of course I have it all on videotape :-D

Dear Paramore,
I ♥ you guys and your amazingness. I'm a little late on this bit of news, but why, WHY, did you have to contribute not one, but TWO songs to the Twilight soundtrack? *And* a music video?!? The first time I saw your video for Decode, I caught it in the middle of the song, and I was like, "Wow, I really like this one! Go Paramore!" And then I saw a cutscene with RPattz running around all sparkly nimbly bimbly and I screamed at the TV, "OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!!" But sadly, you did. Paramore, why do you break my heart so? YOU'RE BETTER THAN TWILIGHT. And it hurts me that you made two songs and a video for them. These perfectly good songs are now associated with that movie forever. Don't get me wrong, I'll still enjoy them and still be willing to have Hayley's babies like the creeper that I am, but WHY TWILIGHT?!? **SOBS**

Now that I've got my internetz back, I'm off to watch the last couple episodes of the Office that I've missed. Maybe CSI too, though that show has been letting me down a lot lately :-/
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! My break was pretty good, and I was fairly productive too even though I was at work 8-10 hours every day. My boyfriend is moving into his new house next weekend so I helped him get stuff together. Speaking of the boyfriend, I remembered about two hours ago when I talked to him that today is our five year anniversary... yeah. I'm an awesome girlfriend like that. Five years though, wow. I feel old... even though we're not much different from the awkward and dorky high school juniors we were when we first met, hehe. Though how is it that I've been with my boyfriend way longer than any of my friends have been with their partners, and half my friends are now engaged or married? LOL. It doesn't make sense, and if one more person asks us again when we're *finally* going to get married they may get shanked. I'm getting a bit tired of that question :-P

I wish we could get together today and do something, but I have classes scattered around all day and two big projects due tomorrow. I would gladly skip the classes but, sadly, two of my professors decided to hold their finals today as opposed to next week when it's actually, you know, FINALS WEEK. I should probably keep studying for those, seeing as the first one is in like an hour. :-/

Anyway, I'm the most absent minded person ever and I managed to leave the power cord to my laptop at home, so I won't be on the internet a whole lot this week. Which is a good thing I guess because I really should be working on the massive amount of final projects and such due this week anyway... so I won't be around LJ too much for the next week or so. I'll try and get my holiday cards out sometime this week, if you still want one please let me know.

Dear weather,
STOP IT. I know it's that time of year, but all of the snow you dumped on us in the past two days? A BIT MUCH. KTHX.

Have a great week everyone :-)

let the flames begin

So why is it that whenever I have a lot of work to do, I end up on LJ the most? LOL. I just ate like a crap ton of cookie dough and I'm a bit hyper and have to wake up early but whateverrr it's meme time!!

Borrowed from iknowitsmad

+ stop what you're doing.
+ print screen of your current desktop... Kitteh!! by the super awesome Linda Bergkvist
+ if you have a browser open, print screen... I'll go with iGoogle. Note the wonderful current temperatures for both my college town and my hometown. /sarcasm
+ if you have last.fm open, print screen... uh, I'm not even sure what that is 0.0
+ if you have a music player open, print screen... yayy itunes! And yes, I enjoy Paramore. DON'T JUDGE.
+ pick a folder, open it, print screen... Well, these are what I have open right now. That medieval art paper is due in a couple of days, and I have about 8 pages to go. And the second part of my final morphologies are due for graphic design that same day. And that first part of the photo final is due tomorrow. Er, that would be today now I suppose. **whistles innocently** Oh, end of semester, how I both love and hate you. ♥

Oh, and in case there's anyone that cares, campus housing called my roomie today to let us know that there's an opening next semester in the townhouses the three of us wanted to move back to. Which means that we won't have to live with the crazy bitch roommate in about three more weeks, WHOOOO! M called to let me know this afternoon and I totally danced in the hallway outside of the class I was going to out of sheer happiness. It was a good day :-D

I should probably finish some of my work now, and try that sleep thing seeing as I have classes tomorrow and it's like 2 am. Pfffft. Who sleeps anyway? :-P