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let the flames begin

So why is it that whenever I have a lot of work to do, I end up on LJ the most? LOL. I just ate like a crap ton of cookie dough and I'm a bit hyper and have to wake up early but whateverrr it's meme time!!

Borrowed from iknowitsmad

+ stop what you're doing.
+ print screen of your current desktop... Kitteh!! by the super awesome Linda Bergkvist
+ if you have a browser open, print screen... I'll go with iGoogle. Note the wonderful current temperatures for both my college town and my hometown. /sarcasm
+ if you have last.fm open, print screen... uh, I'm not even sure what that is 0.0
+ if you have a music player open, print screen... yayy itunes! And yes, I enjoy Paramore. DON'T JUDGE.
+ pick a folder, open it, print screen... Well, these are what I have open right now. That medieval art paper is due in a couple of days, and I have about 8 pages to go. And the second part of my final morphologies are due for graphic design that same day. And that first part of the photo final is due tomorrow. Er, that would be today now I suppose. **whistles innocently** Oh, end of semester, how I both love and hate you. ♥

Oh, and in case there's anyone that cares, campus housing called my roomie today to let us know that there's an opening next semester in the townhouses the three of us wanted to move back to. Which means that we won't have to live with the crazy bitch roommate in about three more weeks, WHOOOO! M called to let me know this afternoon and I totally danced in the hallway outside of the class I was going to out of sheer happiness. It was a good day :-D

I should probably finish some of my work now, and try that sleep thing seeing as I have classes tomorrow and it's like 2 am. Pfffft. Who sleeps anyway? :-P



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Nov. 19th, 2008 04:58 pm (UTC)
Hurray for not having to live with crazy!roomate for much longer!
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